Points of Interest

modified on Aug 24, 2007

0. Borrego springs

1. Lower Coyote Canyon Area
(a). Coyote Canyon 1
(b). Coyote Canyon 2

(c). Coyote Creek 1
(d). Coyote Creek 2

2. Borrego Palm Canyon Area

3.Culp Valley Area
Flowers in Culp Valley
(b). Pena Spring Area
(c). Lower Hellhole Canyon
(d). Upper Hellhole Canyon

4. Font's Point Area

5. Calcite mine Area

6. Seventeen Palms Oasis Area
(a). (Seventeen Palms Oasis)
(b). (Five Palms)
(c). (Una Palma)
(d). (Basin Wash)

7. Pumpkin Patch Area

8. Four Palms spring Area

9. Gas Domes Area

10. Salton Sea

11. Split Moutain Area

12. Fish Creek Area

13. Big Mud Cave Area

14. Mountain Palm Springs Area
(a). Mountain Palm Springs North

(b). Mountain Palm Springs South
Indian Valley Area

15. Canyon Sin Nombre

16. Carrizo Canyon
(a). Carrizo Palms

(b). Flowers in Carrizo Canyon
(c). Cacti in Carrizo Canyon
(d). Hiking in Carrizo Canyon

17(a). Carrizo Gorge Area
(b). (Goat Canyon Trestle)

18. Mortero Palms

19. Myer Valley Area

20. Valley of the Moon Area
Valley of the Moon
(b). Valley of the Moon Part 2
(c). Tahe (Elliot Mine)

21. Corral Canyon

22. Sweeney Pass

23. Westbutte Area

24. Raibow Wash

25. Ranchita

26. Upper Coyote Canyon Area
(a). Collins Valley
(b). Middle Willows

27. Pinyon Mountatin Area
(a)Pinyon Mountain Area no.1
(b)Pinyon Mountain Area no.2

28. Banner

29-31. Around the Impact Area

32. Yaqui Pass Area

33. Travertine Palms, coming soon