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Program Director
Graduate Program in Molecular & Cellular Biology & Genetics

Course Director
Biomedical Graduate Studies Core Curriculum II (IDPT 526S)
Cell Cycle & Apoptosis Course (MCBG 514S)
Summer Biochemistry Undergraduate Course (BIOC 400S)

Core Curriculum I (IDPT 521S): DNA replication
Core Curriculum I (IDPT 521S): Protein degradation/ ubiquitin-like modifications
Cancer Biology (BIOC 510S): Cell cycle/checkpoints
Cancer Biology (BIOC 510S): Protein degradation
Advanced Cell Biology (MCBG 506S): Cell Cycle
Advanced Cell Biology (MCBG 506S): DNA replication
Cell Cycle & Apoptosis (MCBG 514S): DNA maintenance checkpoints
Cell Cycle & Apoptosis (MCBG 514S): Modern Cell Cycle Studies
Advanced Cancer Biology (BIOC 512S): Cell Cycle and Checkpoints
Medical Biochemistry (BIOC 701S): Nucleic Acid/DNA Replication

Summer Biochemistry (BIOC 400S): DNA replication
Summer Biochemistry (BIOC 400S): Recombinant DNA technology

Medical Biochemistry (BIOC 701S): Web-based projects for genetic diseases
Medical Biochemistry (BIOC 701S): Molecular biology cases studies
Medical Biochemistry (BIOC 701S): Cancer cases studies

MCBG Journal Club (MCBG 512S)

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