Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Old Faithful and Its Vicinity

Old Faithful Geyser (the eruption reaches 106-184 ft)

at observation point

Morning Glory Pool

Grotto Geyser

Anemone Geyser, I think...

Punch Bowl Spring

Black Sand Pool

the view of Old Faithful Geyser from Geyser Hill

beautifull pools here and there

a buffalo on the road side

Kepler Cascades

dead buffalo...

Firehole River

Next stop is the Upper Geyser Basin, which includes Old Faithful Geyser. Old Faithful Geyser frequently erupts with its average interval, 94 minutes. Upper Geyser Basin has the largest consentration of geysers in the world. Within a few hours, you will see so many geysers and springs in this area. Your main menu could be Morning Glory Pool, whose remakable colors are in danger due to behavior of thoughtless people.

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