Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Mammoth Hot Springs

Minerva Terrace

Liberty Cap

by the Canary Spring (I guess...)

Palette Spring

colorful thermophiles create a chaniging palette

water flows in crisscrossing down a coloful steep ridge

the cascades of travertine (Minerva Terrace)

close up Menerva Terrace

New Blue Spring

terraces at New Blue Spring

We stayed one night at Mammoth Hot Springs. As Yellowstone NP occupies large area of north west Wyoming, you need to drive quite a lot to visit points of interests scattered around the park. Here, thermophiles (heat-loving microorganisms) create coloful terraces. These terraces are like living sculptures that change color and shape constantly. The beauty at Mammoth Hot Springs comes from heat, a natural pluming system water, and limestone.

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