My Natural Enemies...
Unfortunately, I have several natural enemies on the Earth. I searched about these things, that gave me a hard time, through the Internet after they bit/stung me. But I couldn't find stories of experience. So, I decided to write about.

Portuguese Man-Of-War Jellyfish (Physalia physalis)

December, 1999... Cairns, Australia
In our honeymoon, we took a boat tour to the Gold Barrier Reef to do scuba diving. They took us to an island, which is very small and people are not living in. We signed up scuba diving with an instructor at 1pm. Until that we had a plenty of time for snorkeling. I cannot swim, so I wore a safety jacket and a snorkel set, then jumped into the beautiful water.

After just 10 minutes, I was still very closed to the shore, there was something on my left ankle and suddenly I had a huge pain. "Oh-oh! I got bitten by a jellyfish!!" I shouted to my husband. I hit the jellyfish by a watch I had on my left wrist. It went away. But the pain didn't go away. I reached to the shore, and I found blue cells on the ankle and the wrist. My husband called a crew on the boat, and he got a bottle of vinegar to wash out the blue cells. The cells were washed out easily. The places the cells on were getting very painful.

Then I started a feeling that is a different pain at the junction of my left leg. This pain was indescribable. I sat down on the shore. I couldn't even stand up. I totally forgot about the pain on the place I got stung. I was carried to the boat, and laid. Some crews came to me, and said it might be Portuguese Man-Of-War. The poison it has goes to lymph node and pain will go away after 2 hours. Until then, you cannot do anything. So, I cried for exactly 2 hours.

Suddenly, after 2 hours of crying, the pain was gone. Totally gone. Like, I wondered why I was crying for. It was very strange. Then, a moment later, the pain where I got stung came back. By the time, it was our turn to dive. It was too late to cancel with the fee back. So, we did scuba anyway. My pain was very bad, so I got ice cubes and a thin towel from a bar in the boat. I tied ice cubes around the ankle. It helped a lot, even in the water. I could enjoy the scuba diving.

After that I heard 2 kids died in Japan by this jellyfish. If you are small, and the 5m long legs of the jellyfish tie your body up, you'll have the indescribable pain at underarm lymph node. I bet you get a shock. The shock may cause heart attack. But it looks like this jellyfish usually is at deep sea, so you don't meet it unless you are lucky(?). Japanese name of this jellyfish is "Katsuo no eboshi", means "hat of tuna/bonito". Tuna live at deep sea, so the "hat" is also around there.


Black Widow Spider

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