Flan (Pudding)

- for Caramel -
sugar ... 80g
water ... 2 table spoons

- for Custard -
egg york ... 4
whole egg ... 1
milk ... 500 ml
(or 250ml of milk + 250ml of heavy whipping cleam)
sugar ... 70g
vanilla extract ... a little

- for Caramel -
1. Put sugar in a pan with middle high heat.
Just wait until it is getting melt.
When it gets brown liquid, mix well.
You'll see bubbles.
When the color gets dark brown,
(Not black. It means you waited too much!)
add water and mix thoroughly + immediately.
Pour it into 5 pudding caps asap.

- for Custard -
1. Put room temperature eggs and sugar in a bowl.
Mix very well until it gets whitish-yellow.

2. Heat milk (or milk and whipping cleam)
until it gets 45oC (113oF).
(Test with your finger into it.
You feel hot, but you can stay few sec.
Do not boil!! You'll lose good smell.)

3. Mix eggs again.
Add heated milk a little and mix well.
Repeat adding milk little by little.
(If you add too much heated milk at a time,
egg york gets solid.)

Strain off with strainer into another bowl.
to remove solid egg york.
Remove bubbles on surface with ladle.
Add a bit of vanilla extract then mix softly.

5. Pour it into 5 pudding cups which have Caramel.
Put a piece of foil on top of each cups.

6. Prepare a big pan with duster and water (about 1 inch).
Heat between low and middle.
Put cups in it. Heat 25 to 30min.
(If your flan has bubbles inside,
you heated too high or too long.)
Put them in refrigerator
after they get cool down to room temperature.
... then eat it!!

Copyright (C) 2001-2003 Eishi & Chiaki Noguchi
All rights reserved. No reproduction without written permission.