Pain aux raisins ` Raisin bread `

flour ... 300g
sugar ... 21g
yeast ... 6g
milk ... 180g
salt ... 5g
butter ... 15g
raisin ... 90g

1. Mix half of flour, sugar, yeast (soaked with 30ml of water)
and milk with a spatula in a bowl for 5 min.
It will become sticky.
Check follow things; it has bubbles,
is sticky and is no flour balls.

2. Put and mix rest of flour and salt into it.
Knead it very well for 10 min.

3. Put and mix butter and raisin.
Knead it very well for 10 min again.

4. Put it at 30 oC for 30 ~ 40 min.

5. Divide the dough into how many amount you want.

6. Make balls with them, wait for 20 ~ 30 min.

7. Make shape you want with these balls.

8. Wait for 25 min.

9. Bake them with 200 oC for 20 min.

It's easy to get dry, because it has just milk. (has no water!)
Don't let it dry!!

This recipe from Atsuko N.
Thank you Atsuko!!

Copyright (C) 2001-2003 Eishi & Chiaki Noguchi
All rights reserved. No reproduction without written permission.