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Volume II

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since November 7th, 2004

general messages

*Mid-Atlantic Region
Eastern Pennsylvania (Updated 11/8/05)
New Jersey

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
Walt Disney World

*Crossing continent from the west to the east
1. San Diego
2. Bear Lake
3. Grand Teton 1, 2
4. Yellowstone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Updated 11/4/05)
5. Devils Tower (coming soon)
6. Mt. Rushmore (coming soon)
7. Badland (coming soon)
8. Sioux Falls (coming soon)
9. Chicago (coming soon)
10. Philadelphia (coming soon)
11. Atlantic City (coming soon)

future contents
* Trip to Kyushu, Japan
1. Fukuoka
2. Saga
3. Ohita
4. Tottori
5. Izumo

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