Sponge Cake

- for Sponge -
mold ... 21cm (8.5inch)
egg ... 3
sugar ... 75g x 2
flour ... 150g
butter ... 30g
vanilla extract

- for Decoration -
heavy whipping cream ... 1pint
sugar ... 45g (1/10 of cream)
vanilla extract
some fruits and canned fruits

- Day 1-

1. Place waxed paper in a mold. (bottom and wall)
Sift flour. Melt butter with microwave.

2. Separate yolk and white. Put 75g of sugar each.
Whip the white & sugar up until it stands.
Put vanilla extract into the whip.

3. Mix yolk & sugar well.
Put a half of whipped white and melted butter into it.
Put flour in. Mix like CUT with rubber spatula.

4. Put last half of whipped white in.
Mix it, but DO NOT mix well.
(It's enough, like this photo.)
Pour it into the mold. Make it flat.
Bake it 22-25 min at 350oF (180oC).

5. Remove the sponge from mold.
Take the waxed paper out and keep it.
After it gets cool, cut the top off to make it flat.
Then slice it half.

6. Separate syrup and canned fruits.
Mix brandy and syrup, 2:1, and cover (soak?) each surface.
Cover the sponge with the used waxed paper.
Wait over night...

- Day 2 -

7. Whip heavy whipping cream with sugar and vanilla extract
until like this photo.

8. Spread cream on the bottom sponge. Put some fruits on it.
Spread jam on the other sponge and spread cream on it.
Flip it on top of the bottom sponge very carefully!

9. Cover the cake with cream, top and side. Put some fruits on it.
Whip rest of the cream more to make it hard.
Put it into decoration bag and decorate your cake.


Does it have your sense?
... Bon appetit!!

Copyright (C) 2001-2003 Eishi & Chiaki Noguchi
All rights reserved. No reproduction without written permission.